Benefits of water fasting

Benefits of water fasting

There are the most incredible benefits from water fasting.


Long term water only fasting has such a profound impact on mechanisms in our bodies for healing,  weight loss from the fat stores are usually recorded averaging 1lb a day (the weight lost will not be regained if you continue a whole food diet you will actually continue to lose the fat as you Refeed) this is scientifically proven.

The only weight that will be added will just be the glycogen storing inside the muscle tissue..

Not only body fat will go, you will lose visceral fat.

Water fasting induces improved efficiency and effectiveness of the enzymes systems and they persist after the fasting which is the same as an athlete training who would get better each time they train, you get better at fasting each time you do it.

Intermittent fasting daily such as 16 hours with no food and a 8 hour Refeed window will have a sign-if-i-can-ce in your improvement of your body physiology and longevity.

Long term fasting has such a profound impact on the body health, mental health and longevity one should give fasting a go at least once or twice a year.

There is also a something that occurs during water fasting, that is not found so much in juice fasting and is the body dumps a load of excess fluids and this happens straight away.

This drops blood pressure instantly, gets rid of the congestive heart failure systems,  eliminates some of the joint swelling and arthritic symtoms, also helps repair regenerate non healing wounds removing all of the excess sodium accumulated from poor lifestyle choices.

Water fasting is the ultimate rapid detoxifying measure and rapidly mobilises toxins accumulated in the fat cells.

(fat cells contain hundreds of different chemicals in various proportions, heavy metals, pesticides residues)

over the past 130 years science has offered water fasting as a cure for all ailments from 3 days  with a maximum recorded  fast was 380 days ( a Scottish man Angus Barbieri  @ 456lbs to 180 lbs) fully symptom free..

We only recommends 1 to 40 day fast depending on the disease and patient with medical supervision..

One should always have a fasting journey, and grow with knowing the body and the fasting and refeeding process.

Improper refeeding after a extended water only fast after the body has been in ketosis (after day 3 water only fasting) we must be very delicate in the refeeding process.. please refer to the refeeding information on the course..

There is in extreme cases something called Refeed syndrome which can reduce the serum levels of electrolytes in the body this is caused by a shift in the electrolytes from long periods of ketosis, as the pancreas stops producing insulin our system switches to Glucogenesis ( Gluconeogenesis is a when your system has 0 carbohydrate to very little and that results in the generation of glucose from certain non-carbohydrate carbon bases..

We must re activate and begin to stimulate the these subtle processes of our body, with refeeding slowly and not consuming to much glucose too quickly being very cautious with over feeding....

Fruits are key but must be slowly eaten and taken very seriously after long water only fasting.

The refeed process should be applied with this noted, 10 day water fast 3-5 days little introduction of food the first day, few apples throughout the day or a papaya the whole day.

20 day fast with 10 days refeed, each day slowly increasing the food intake and volume.

This will ensure the system returns to its normal glucose fuel and not ketones/ketosis

We are not at all trained by the Medical industry, we are not Doctors by profession, We wish you all to innerstand the processes yourself and  seek medical advice from your local General practice.

They can assist in your inner standing, especially if  one is trying to bring remedy to chronic disease , bloodwork is always great to see for yourself  your levels of vitamins, electrolytes, hormones to know healing is done and everything is safe, be sure to use your inner compass and intuition during the whole process and innerstand each individual is responsible for our choices and actions  x

Be responsible.