Broccoli & Sweetcorn Soup

Step 1
Separate the broccoli from it's stem into small florets,
Step 2
Either steam the broccoli and once soft, you will need to add boiling/hot water to the blender. One can hand blend or high speed...
Or bring your distilled water to a boil and add in the broccoli, be sure to Nearly cover the broccoli but not so it is fully covered, allow for some florets to be sticking out ( it is better to have slightly less water than too much as you can easily add more..
Step 3
Add 10grams of Himalayan sea salt and a few pinches of black pepper..
Step 4
Turn everything off, add in the sweetcorn (removed from the cobs)
Step 5
Blend first and then add 1 avocado and reblend, this stops avocado being heated too much and changing its flavour.
Be sure to taste and add salt and pepper accordingly to desired taste..
L-earn the art.
And serve...
A simple wholefood with a great tasteĀ 
Injoy wonderful family x