P-aT-i-ence Virtue El-e-ment

Patience is absolutely key to find the mind quieting, and having peace in your life.
Seeing life aline with you without any issue full of joy and inner peace.
Every feeling we have is from "thinkingness" and we go into a whole world of illusion as we think which removes us from the power of the M-o-Ment (contemplation and thoughts are different).
One way we can perceive for an e-x-ample,
We could be in a shop in a Que awaiting to pay, with little time to get to an appointment and you may need fuel to get there but..... You may not need fuel and just make it.
If one identifies with the Ego here there is a whole false perception being brought into your awareness, system in panic- fight or flight response, stress, feeling fear, anxiety , rage ext (in this state you have lost presence and have lost the guardianship of the Lor-D (lore/law of our form) G-o-D ( s-even Voids of Form)...
Now as you start to notice the commentary for the ego expressing the rush, the stress, the slow people around,
Your experience will test you to try push you into awareness of pain body to s-how you there is an iss-ue.
From ones lack of patience, there is a reaction/response/aline-ment with the energies in the background.. This is within the unconscious beings and consciousness alines energy as the conductor of the orchestra and a situation has manifest in your experience for you L-earn-in-g (you must watch with a keen sense).
All a test-a-ment.
Traffic will slow, red lights at every traffic light, tractors, roadworks. This would occur all on the journey to your appointment as this would be the energy projected from your essence so you are receiving this aline-ment.
Remember acting within the system of virtues nothing can go wrong,
If you would have been dilligent you would not be rushing, now the lack of patience makes stress and rushing and if you weren't rushing due to lack of dilligence you wouldn't of tripped up over your feet...
This is life.. no??

If you are patient in the Que and stay happy,
With no stress. Not only is it Joy to just observe life, it will aline for you.
Being free from Judgement, expectation you will find that everything just is a happening and your experiencing this moment (how special)
Living in purity is Grace and it is there for all to find...
We just need to put in our efforts to observe and correct our self, trying to remain present.

Exodus 14:14
"The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still."

Patience, in this fast-paced earth we live in can be difficult as most beings want instant gratification or results and want things without waiting. Expectations from deliveries on the same day, to immediate results in health and fitness, to fast food delivered or already pre-made so that we can eat it sooner or save a little time. We literally have everything at the touch of a button with technology, phones, TV etc... so this has lead us to a life where many beings have very little patience.
If there is silence in the external world and run on ego awareness/unconscious, it can be quite torment, the voices/demonz in the head become more apparent..
It is time we slow down and practice patience.
Slow and steady wins the race...

Proverbs 15:18
"Hot tempers cause arguments, but patience brings peace."

Patience is the virtue that overcomes anger. An angry mind is the result of thinking too much and then acting out, this leads to harming others, but also causing harm to ourselves with thought demon's... So, from this divine inner perspective, we need to observe anger, not by suppressing it but by observing the way these thoughts, emotions and issues arise that cause the anger which will bring us true inner joy and bliss.

When we "let go" of the view that we "have" anger then it disappears and the divine shines.

Psalms 37:7

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.”

T-ASKS Virtue-X Mi-ss-ions

Can we observe the Ego mind chatter when situations arise that need patience..?

Make Yourself Wait
Start with something small like waiting a few extra minutes to drink that your smoothie or juice and then move on to something bigger. You will begin to gain more patience as you practice.
If you make yourself wait and go through the mind chatter of waiting you will greatly reduce the feeling of impatience and noise through a slow transition of your systems behaviour at the same time you can observe and see for yourself what has been the subject of conflict and energy b-lock.
We smile for the mind and how it's programmed for now and not follow the trail of thinking Which leads to emotions attached for being impatient.

We can put ourselves in a situations where we test our patience, except that situation with no feeling or thinking just watch all that is presented with it, have faith in the virtues. Here we must observe the real-i-ty and see how it's controlled. This will need great observation but continue to do so.

Remember once we overcome our fear it it goes, there are many demon's hiding, can you spot them? Be-co-me a G-host B-us-tor..

If we do feel the e-motion, or get attach to the thought, just try to detach and remember here and now there is nothing actually going on and the issue was my attentions to a stream of thought. It may take time for some but stay in control/conscious if you can.

A great demon is Mr impatient...
A great opresser.
Makes you feel huge stress.
Rage... It goes on.. but we must stop that trail of thought..
See there is a silence behind the mask of the person...
Nothing is happening to cause this apart from the thoughts (remember these are de-mons).
Try to see this....... And separate your self from it.
Why do we suffer so greatly....?
We have an identity c-R-isis
And cannot find the self.

This is the road of the Great work you are embarking on...,
And is expansive
Keep the VIRTUES in day to day practices.
Slow down and try to stay with your now.
See everything for its beauty.

Share your views, what you have observed and build up the X families perceptions through our experiences,
Keep up the love, kindness and all of the VIRTUES.
May your whole body be filled with light and your eyes be one with God/consciousness/awareness...

Love you all so dearly.