Liberality / Charity

Char-it-y Vs Greed

To live with Charity is to be in oneness with life force flowing as to truly give is to receive...

This uni-verse works as you let go of something the abundance pours in as you are no longer challenged by the ego to hold on to the thought of material possession..

The secret to be-co-me this energy to raise your vibration is to have the willingness to help others as if it was your own self, Love is to be in union in a knowing state that life reciprocates and without the giving nothing can be reciprocated.

This is the purest form of love to see life as consciousness and be one.. For a prime example letting go of money (the fear of having none or love for the object) allows the removal of identification to it and no longer a need for a lesson in your consciousness.... it becomes no thing. As with everything. See flow

To share is to c-are and we are here to-get-her in


Free yourself today...

Give help, serve and feel the joy of true love..

Your all so very special xx



If one is greedy remember that life is the teacher.. But being in greed one cannot see the true mechanics of existence..

If one takes for himself without any consideration for others the ego will dominate and a scarcity mindset will play a role.

Energy will turn against one self and the experience of pain will manifest within thought.

The mind/ego will be searching for a material gain for external pleasure at the same time becoming separate from eternal bliss...

Food, money, status, power this desire to acquire more than one needs will never be filled...

Abundance is here for all, remember it's the mindset that has the effect.... To let go is to have no fear or want or need and to be secure in the now knowing that all is taken care of.

Everything is as it is right now for consciousness to grow.. To sin is to be b-oxed and t-rapped in a dense sense of separation...

Which pain in a restless state of the heart craving for more and more without ever achieving peace, happiness and bliss with enlightenment...

Let go.

You will have everything for your life to be the fullest.

Have faith.

Do the birds ask for food?

Do they go hungry.?

Master the virtues and your consciousness with be one with God We guarantee.

Our sweet precious energies.

We are here to make it clear..

Practice with time, Catch the ego, don't let it catch you.

May peace be upon you with the earth.

The 1st Virtue is CHARITY

Unlocking the virtue charity is to show you that to give, is actually receiving.

And the empowerment we get from helping others selflessly without expectation of reward or return. To dissolve every thought of conflict towards the embodiment of Charity is important in the free flowing exchange of love between you and source...

It is important not to allow the ego mind to make you feel like you have lost something by giving and if it does you must gain control of it there and then and break those Bound-aries by ignoring and silencing the mind and continue to do so, as thoughts are overpowering at this particular time these acts must be done to release abundance B-Locks ..

This is the pure programming of the lower energies and must be recognised. With your WiLL you have to focus and gain control over the demon and correct this mental health condition that causes the majority of human suffering.  Then after living the virtue observe every intricate aspect of life with sharp awareness, what phone calls happen, what numbers surround you, who walks into your life, what web pages show you, there will be an abundance of new doorways open for life as you continue to grow with this system so be sure to keep constant awareness and openness to see this perception for you to move a step forward in your manifestations with your intentions.

Remember to continue to act in a virtuous way AND override and over power the sinful ways with this system of magick.

You must not let external situations affect you  and alway win with kindness and virtues, do not give away your energy (this means do not fall trap to arguments, do not allow negative energy to project outwardly on anyone) you must gain mastery, if you someone's energy makes you feel a way or they are unkind or rude, give them love and kindness and in that moment watch it heal you both. Remember it is all energy so keep on top and Build yours.

It's a whole new world of internal geometry awaiting..

For the next 3 days we would like to T-ask you all to focus on Charity but remaining in alignment with all the virtues making the right choices on the righteous path..

Do 2 acts of charity over the next 3 days.

If there is someone who you see that you do not like or have feelings towards.

Now is the time to put an end to it.

With the love and support of our X family free up your centres...

If there is distance or silence between you and a family member... Make that step... Free yourself starting now..

We must continue to let go and purge every last one of these negative associations with ego before we become self..

No one has an issue apart from you, issue iss-ue is you.

Do not let life teach you, be your own master and take control today.

Mastery over the mind and ultimate faith in creation/the creator is needed here, surrender all the consciousness that just is... And be....

Human be-in-g-s...

Please share your gifts of love and charity with the group over the next few days journaling or posting any charitable, loving moments you are present in...

Be the change you wish to see...

Some examples are:

Kindness or goodwill to others.

A voluntary gift to a complete stranger/ someone who you have passed judgement on, a close relative, a foe anyone...

Simply spending time with those in need (that put you possibly out of your personified comfort)

Listening to beings in need, make sure its without judgement (quite the thinker)

Making a donation of some kind (food, energy, help, money to someone, not a corporation)

Show love, care and affection

Compli-ments it may be hard for some to do this as they are not social comfortable with that type of interaction (so make this happen and free yourself and watch energy rise in others)

Charity to yourself if you NEED something and tend to not buy for yourself as your not sure if you really NEED it right now (this is abundance block, living in a mindset of scarcity)

We know you're all very loving and conscious so here are just a few examples.

This is beginning mastery of mind, spirit, consciousness awareness, matrix programming, personality programming, whole new perception of interaction and intergeneration with life as energy, not matter.

We love you so very much

We will be sharing ours

X family 2021....

The flowering of the most exquisite fruits


Biblical connection....

Charity being "the unity of man with source", which "unites us to God".  The virtue of charity extends not only to the love of self, but also to the love of thy neighbor.

1 John 4:8 "God is love", "God is charity"

When charity is mentioned, it refers to "love of God", which is a united love and is extended from God, to man, and then reflected by man, who is made in the image of God, back to God. The being has the ultimate power (God is love), man then reflects God's love in their own human actions towards others. One example of this is

"Charity shall cover the multitude of sins"

(1 Peter 4:8).

The practice of charity brings us toward ourselves and others out of love alone, precisely because each being is the starseed or the child of God.

As a theological virtue Charity is held as the ultimate perfection of the human spirit, because it is to both glorify and reflect the nature of oneness.

Charity is divinely infused into our soul and is an absolute requirement for happiness, which is man's last goal.

Charity has two parts:

love of source and love of man, which includes both love of one's neighbor and one's self.

In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul places the greater emphasis on Charity (Love).

So faith, hope, love remain the three but the greatest of these is love.

The fruits of charity are joy, peace, and mercy but it's love which lavished upon us and we in turn must share with others.

Have a wonderful day family