H-U-M-i-LIT-Y Vs P-R-id-E

Today's virtue is humility and Sin/Vice is pride

We start with the virtue of humility.

To be one with the virtue of humility is to know the True Divine Essence of your being and to be able to not feel the need to prove to anyone that you are what you know to be.

To be able to go through life and help in an honest way to drop your fruits endlessly and to create the balanced environment internally with no expectation, knowing that you are one with this consciousness .

Giving utmost respect and care to beings who are not on the level of heightened perception that is within you, as you are to be able to innerstand the development of Consciousness via this Earthly plane and to drop your essence in appropriate manner without disrespecting others..

Humility does not mean having a low self-esteem by allowing other energies to trample or to impose their energy among you but It is to be strong and know what is existing with inside of your Consciousness and to project that honestly and integrity,

If one struggles with this the pain body will express the symptoms of Pride.

Shall ye be K-IN-G or QUE-EN


To have pride or to be proud is to feel a false energy inside of you that makes your awareness fall trap into identification of the false self.

With pride one feels that achievements one has makes one at a higher stature than another.

Re-act-in-g to external situations- this now has  an effect on you via the level of your expectation of how you should be treated(locked into thought/ego/judgement)

Now the ego feels as if he needs to stand up for what he is or he believes he is.. Creating huge thought, massive judgement and emotional content that has now manifest by your illusions,

These must be overcome

Pride will hide via the intellectual mind.. To be trapped via the intellect there can be no progress and one must overcome and cross the abyss into the true righteousness of pure consciousness. This truly is the sin that all others arise from to have a image of yourself and a belief that creates pride by the illusory mind/person/persona.. One must overcome all of these sins/vices to become virtuous and he who governs himself virtuously will live like the Polestar,

with all the other stars revolving around him.

This is truly a virtuous reality and your life will work for you with virtue and against you with sin(but truly always for consciousness to grow) and we hope that you found balance from the Insight of the virtues that we've posted.

Free the ego's control, be conscious of your act-ions....


Spend today practicing self in every m-o-ment

We love you very much.

Have a wonderful day.

Love the x family