C-h-as-T-it-Y vs L-u-ST


To have Chastity as a Virtue as apart of your awareness is to be in every moment strong against the temptations of the left brain, the worldly desires that can pull you into a physical want or thought process taking you away from here and now, it is to beat the demon/thought forms trying to dominate you, as you know what is good... And righteous.

To make conscious decisions to take oneself away from distraction that can lead to a L-ower energetic behaviour away from the moral of wholeness.

Being honest to yourself, your family, friends and the whole of humanity...

If you let yourself get beat then you will feel the experience of the physical expressing the sin Lust... Which is why you have this pain body to overcome all these dual parts of this realm and know purity once again.


Is a dominating force of intense thought (a demon) that manifests as intense uncontrollable desire wanting or longing for an object to fulfill this demon that is now inserted in your programming.

The only way to beat this is to see the Lust demon for what it is and never give in...

You conquer the thought your awareness rises and will be exorcised creating space and a sense of freedom..

LUST hides as an overwhelming inappropriate want for anything that is not necessary for your experience.

This doesn't mean you cannot have things that are nice or of this world. But to not have any connection to the object as it is what it is and no thing more. If you feel a desire, re-cognise the desire and observe it.. It will pass and eventually leave you.. If you allow it to be focused on the manifestation of pain will be experienced for a lesson L-earned no matter how long it takes..

It's all about freedom in turn happiness.

This is the only true path...

CHASTITY intro Virtue-X

Our temples must be built with no hands..

You are the "c-on-d-u-c-tor" it's time to O-r-c-h-e-s-t-r(ate) the symphony of life...


HERE is the second virtue: it will be CHASTITY.

What is Chastity?

Chastity is a freedom from contamination in living pure which multiplies as we come to-get-her internally with our true nature (spirit) and with the divine essence within.

Your truth at the L-eve-L of awareness you are currently vibrating at is a state of gnowing, and in that gnowing you have certain require-ments to fulfill to have integrity with honesty and clarity to yourself.

To action the gnowing for a clean and wholistic life free from corruption and dis-ease would mean applying the gnowledge you have to be as pure as you know to be pure and righteous example; if there is chemicals/pesticides on food and you know to wash them for purity and you may choose not to do what is needed but your deep routed gnowing knows then there will be negative manifestation in the mind as demons and life play scenarios that will come into being as a lesson...

The steps we walk in the passion for purity leads you to avoid and resist temptations that would cause dis-ease or dis-comfort, as you progress you leave the old programming of the Bad vibrations and they are no longer integrations in your awareness.  All of our actions (karma) confirm what is right and we are shown doorways to experience the next levels of our beingness if we are subtle enough.. Doors to progress and doors to regress, if our decisions agree with what we know in our hearts to be true and righteous we flow and grow and receive gifts in our experiences.

Having CHASTITY is Valuing beauty, modesty in all aspects of creation, honouring the self and all other life as a one-ness and experience as true gift.

To demonstrate self-control in all actions helps you achieve a blameless, non-judgemental, gracious way as it vibrates through your words and actions. You always have a choice to choose the path of the righteous as you honor what is sacred to the divine and this in turn will reciprocate in the energies, frequencies and vibrations of the universe (uni in-u).

To love others and remain humble you will come value peace and stillness whilst selflessly and sacrificially respecting them as energy individuals made in the divine image and not as objects to be used in any way (forgive those that trespass among us, as they do not know) if we don't, who suffers...we do as life is always the greatest teacher..

This purity should not make you "proud" or for you to feel above others who have made different choices (conscious or unconscious) as this is all part of a divine play of awareness expansion

Chastity promotes graceful living preventing corruption in thought, words, and actions.

Supporting good health and longevity leads us to balance, peace and harmony in our phi-cycle pain body/avatar.

From observing chasity it will help guide us toward honoring the true divine within you.

You can be free from energy b-locks and live without guilt and regret whilst building a community of beings with honor, grace and love.

Chastity is the portal into a higher presence, and to observe the journey will bring mastery perception.

Our Intentions are genuine and pure when they are free of self-interest, the ego - desire, envy, cruelty, greed, lust, trickery, and dishonesty....

If they are constantly watched consciously and corrected you form the power and control with the power of your will re-cognising the ego mind and bringing life's abundant rewards of Magickal perception.

Ways to observe chastity are:

Are your words simple and true or is there some intent to deceive, control or manipulate a situation to your advantage (unknowing black magic, high intellectual minds tend to do this unconsciously and don't know what they have arguments with loved ones).

Are you embodying both the truth within your individual essence and projecting being that with grace?

Do you feel you are possibly gaining some future ego or material benefit/reward from this or are they based purely on love and human nature?

Do you ever intend to alter someone’s beliefs to align them with your views? When we should encourage them to break their own bound-aries....

Try to notice when you are inconsistent in what you say and the actions you take to those spoken words, remember words reverberate through the entire universe and affect everything, the alignment is energy and goes unnoticed in the field and only seen with great perception...

Look first to yourself to identify:







I.e smoking, excessive drinking, thinking, gambling, sexual perversion, tame everything that has some form of control over you.

If it's not moderate and in balance you have lost me-di-at-ion and therefore pulled from me-di-t-at-ion.

Remember to be kind to yourself as chastity, and purity is a virtue but to achieve absolute purity is always going to be a path that we constantly need to centre and balance with our actions in this realm rather than a complete pure source energy, once balance is achieved you can leave the vessel and be pure with creative life force of source.

Note that all is ment (ment-al) or mind and this is all a play of consciousness in the universal mind,

The goal is to be goalless...

Until we have mastered the whole system we cannot sit in the formless void of Innerstanding, where gnowing all shows us that there is no thing and everything.

We will point you directly to this so-ur-c-e...

Trust life you are here for a great re-a-son


(1 Corinthians 6:18-20)

Avoid immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the immoral person sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been purchased at a price. Therefore, glorify God in your body.

T-ask for Chasity V-irtue X

Be-au-ti-ful X family....

Good day...


lets all have constant mindfulness and sharing on the virtues forum for support...

As a part of chastity we are having 2 tasks... Purity as purification and Abstinence as Abstaining to gain control of meditation mastery.



We would like everyone to look at what has become a routine or a regular behaviour,  preferably with consumption, drugs, coffee, flour, sugar, buying babylon products, thinking, the need for comfort and company, tv, facebook, alternate social media other that our family, wanting/needing compli-ments..

THEN share with our group openly, do not take thinking into self

This is a time for growth and freedom towards true liber-at-ions.

No judgement towards yourself and others, if you see any, stop it there and then...

And stay with this practice.

This will be removing demons of habit, remoulding and creating the new mind with a capacity of true love.

Abstain instantly from all that you have chosen to share and we ask that for the rest of this month to not partake in any practice with your choices.

Stay strong, you will find freedom and control bringing more magick, more creative life force and more presence.

All the rewards just appear and this is progression, the only way we truly move forward and evolve.

If this is what you see-k then let thy light shine by being that of which you seek...

You all are the greatest gift



Purity to come

The P-u-R-E-i-Ty T-ask

The T-ask of purity.

Good day Sending infinite love and support.

Thankyou all for being so strong and faithful.

Remember you will always be rewarded /activ8 higher field..

Just stay observing...

Be present.

We would like everyone to be conscious of, in the watching of Thinkingness.

See them come and let let them go,

Do not build on the thought to create illusion "the thought was observed" then see beyond that fog of persona,

Remember King James Bible...

Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respector of persons

Re-spec-tor (x fam language) = " To reciprocate and establish a sine wave of light from aether to see torus"  no sight of persons, then more descriptive translation god does not see through the eyes of a person/persona.

This also ties in with false maritime person meaning a corperation/busi-ness.

With thinkingness Try to just allow it to pass.

Don't drift... Stay Here.

Nothing matters but here and now, no information... Just awareness..

Remember you are looking from, that which you are searching for.

Be sharp.

Watch your mind/ego/chatter/unconscious overlay/co-m-ment-a-tor.

Remain watcher...

(the watcher is you. Cosmic awareness, having this experience for conscious expansion in a play as in-divid-u-al  p-layer in divine dual-i-ty.



SLOW and steady wins the race...

Have a wonderful day...

Keep with you that God is consciousness (awareness) the field is inertia, the power is torus,

Surrender with full faith and see now lessons need not to be taught by life but abundance frequency is drawn in to how you direct your love..

real-i-ty will change when you ad-j-u-s-t-ment..

Love to you all,

May peace be upon energy centers of all essence.


Matthew 5:8

Pure of heart

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”