Virtue X Welcome initiation

Good day X family

Welcome to an advanced level of breaking bound-aries to true heightened awareness and shift perception from the content to the field..
There is nothing more important for breaking this reality open and raising your experience than Innerstanding virtues and becoming virtuous in every action. This will reveal the game and its function once mastered..

This is a basic fundamental for the master magician.
As is food, fasting, as is Body mind function with yoga,

The journey is just beginning, we will continue until we have the x family circle of Magicians (masters of themselves and the universe)
We want you to as a part of your awakening to expand beyond anything you can fathom, and this system of innerstanding is the greatest aid in evolution.

We would like you to take a month of conscious observation and interaction with this virtue course as these laws govern out real-i-ty..

Work through with groups via our interactive forum groups and share experience to learn and grow even faster though our conscious X family.

Working your way through virtues you will reprogram all to negative outcomes to positive experiences.

Being Virtuous with opportunities that arise, you will free your energy that has been blocked with sins and flow through the Chakra's allowing the divine energy to manifest. Every Time you apply the virtues an evolution takes place, moving you away from the unconscious reactivity of the ego from sins into conscious presence responding with virtue.

Life will continue to shower you will blessings internal and exteral.

As all the physical world is vibrational one EL-EVE-ATE's their vibration through the Great Work the field responds and pulls in experience relative to that which you are, if you are looking for a change- this is how..



But if you sin in the moment you will find a trail of negativity expressed through your physical experiences which can be your interactions with the world or the internal warfare in the mind, but both usually come together.

What we want you to do is to take steps to free the self and actually observe how life its is here for your growth and if we listen and see the subtlety in the gowning that life is the greatest teacher will have a whole new meaning...

And there is no trickery, it is all energy and how you possess yourself and act accordingly brings forward your REAL-i-TY....

All the energies in the universe act according to these laws and by the simple nature of the virtues you will never have another negative experience again.

Here is a list of the 7 virtues and 7 sins


Become familiar with them and we will be giving guidance and support together through the telegram group and pictures and experiences should be shared as much as possible to build the x family collective consciousness to the level we all feel and grow from seeing the grand picture.
A very small example; in rela-t-ions we can hold a grudge (pride, anger) and our being is trying to communicate through wanting to let go and forgive, carry on with the day, cuddle, share, speak but thought from your ego mind dominates...then you are the only one suffering staying with that thought has a very big impact in your experience. The mind is taking your vibration down very low and experiencing the energy drop thus creating a heavy depression and thinkingness that is torment and true suffering.

If you hold no grudge you are free and remain positive even if your opponents at that time aren't.
It won't be long before life turns around and shows you the love that you now are.
Forgive those that TRESPASS , as we are the only ones that will suffer...
Let go.. And action your virtues.
Everything we can assure you will aline..
But are you MAN-KIND ENOUGH.

Please share on the forum about your experiences good or bad, if you have any mastery over the virtues and have practiced the art and have manifested and manipulated external situations by being in control of the St-8 of your being by virtues share, if this is new to you ask....