POST-ure Correct-ion Co-ur-se Exercises 1,2&3


The first exercise is The Lower Back Raise and  to help with strengthening the upper, mid and lower back.

The second exercise is Single Arm Shoulder Press With Raise and is to strengthen the shoulders whilst adopting and maintaining the correct posture.

Exercise number 3 is Chest stretch and is to stretch the muscles of the chest that become tight overtime with incorrect posture.

Do these Exercises for 5 days and stop them, then move onto the next group 4,5,and 6...

These exercises help in the correction of slouched rotated shoulders that creep in over time and shorten the muscles keeping you in the incorrect posture.

Avoid counting just do as many you feel co-m-for-t-able doing. Incorporate these once per day and as we do more exercises you can start to do them on different days. You may feel some discomfort or muscle soreness and this is normal at first... This will ease over time. If you have any injuries or experience any pain whilst performing any of these exercises please avoid them and revisit.

Please watch this youtube video we made for this part of the course to guide you the correct form of each exercise and then use the pdf to guide you without the video, also there will be more information for you to see which muscles are used and strengthening.

Love and light to you all...

Keep up the living foods, yoga, virtues and now incorporate this into our r-out-in-e