Stage 5

Stage 5 Healing Protocol

Welcome to the highest level of purity from any consumption, here it is key to make sure we innerstand water and its capabilities and to treat it with the highest awareness we have..

Please see all the information we have on water to become familiar,


7-14 days of water only fasting


Meal plan

We advise to drink distilled water and store in a copper vessel for 8 hours before consumption.

We suggest buying a glass bottle such as this to store the water in and using as a guide for you consumption.. 750ml to 1 litre breakfast lunch and dinner and 250ml as snacks.. yum

Listen to your body


Here you are a master over the food element and all desires related.. 

You have gained control and now will never be bothered by demons of lower desires…

Keep this up to 40 days (for aids and extreme “incurable” diseases) if you wish, you are automatically connecting to the di-vine and freeing negativity from the past and living in a present state due to the fact of purity. If one feels they can feel free to dry fast on your journey and just be present in listening to your system.

It's a great time to c-on-template life, be still and re-s-t..

After this is complete, to make sure healing is complete, it would be great if you have the power to reverse the courses to get back to where you wish to stay eating, protocol 4,3,2 and 1..

In-joy your fresh bill of health..

Balance is the key..


Well done on completing this course.. You should now go and get your test, or go by your senses and feel that you are free from all dis-ease.


Welcome to the X state of be-in-g