Stage 4

Stage 4 Healing Pro-to-co-L

Here you are very close to pure mastery over your basic desires and consciousness and your perception should have increased so much that you should be experiencing strong connection to earth and other beings, a new found clairvoyance and empathy with all life, freedom is forming, this level of eating is bringing your light body into a space of access.

Stay strong and remember if your thoughts are coming in for food, see the thought as a separate entity than yourself and practice giving no attention to it and let it pass…. Keep in control your virtues will be coming to life.  Make sure you join the forum to find people on a healing journey and share  and support everyone, at this stage you have fso much experience to share..

You are healing everyday  …. Keep the em-power-ment strong and after the 14 days go to stage 5 healing protocol for the final clean-s-e.


We are so humbled by your true power..

Upon rising

Distilled copper water

300 ml

30 mins later 

500 ml of your favourite freshly made juice

2 hours later

1 litre of fresh juice

Orange is our favorite and most convenient  

Lunch 2-3 hours later

1 litre of fresh juice

Snack 2 hours later

Any fresh juice  500ml  or a small 500ml  smoothie 


D-inner 1 to 2 hours

1 litre of juice

Before bedtime

300 to 500ml of copper water.