72 hour Juice f-east

Welcome juice fasters

Doing a 72 hour juice clean-s-e every moonth at least is recommended by the X family.

It allows the system time to re-s-t, re-sto-r-e and re-pair any necessary damaged t-issue.. 

Even a 72 hour fast with 1 meal and onto another 72 should be tried by yourself to see the way it just magnifi-cence’s and brings peace and balance to life.

72 hours is a cycle of time it takes for an immune system regeneration phase and can reset and reverse damage done for an example with chemo-the-rapy.

72 is a magickal number which you will L-earn with us on your journey.

Make sure you have read the fasting list and joined the forum..

Go to our recipe section on juices for ideas and embrace the journey.

As you continue to cycle fasting you become much better at each time and will bring yourself back to full health..

No need to set targets or go-als just be in the moment and allow your mind space.

Healing/clean-s-in-g is not something that needs to be forced, it should be by the true will of each being in gnowing what it is serving.

We love you.

Have fun and look forward to hearing the journey ..

X family