Washing your produce

When we are buying produce from the supermarket or most farmers markets organic or not the food has been handled and

more than likely sprayed with a multiple concoction of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides these are all known to cause cancer, neurological problems, soil pollution, air pollution and water pollution and the list goes on.. It's very key for us to wash these off properly, so, if we're not peeling our food then we need to wash it.

As awakened beings to this fact we must boycott and grow our own food, the damage to our environment from the corporations growing our food is very bad but there is never a moment like now to change this.

Try to communicate with your growers until you are growing for you, your family and the earth's sake.

The pesticides that are sprayed on the food are water insoluble so water and the

rain doesn't wash them off, and so the best way to get these off would be to use

vinegar or lemon and a sodium bicarbonate solution with warm water. Check our video on how we do it.

Wash them in an initial first wash very well, and then use a secondary wash of just

pure water to rinse any excess off before you eat your food.

It is very key for the next step of your evolution in consciousness with your food.

This will aid in the healing and the addition of any heavy metals and chemical residue stopping healing and adding to a lower function.

Once you can grow in your garden, there's a whole different story, and then you can

become one with the fruits that surround you. Until then, keep your food clean..

We love you all very much.

Together to-get-her x