Mushrooms of all edible types can be a great replacement for the meat mind.

They also offer some living vitamins and minerals such as high quantities of vitamin D through the winter months if we are living away from the true living space of our physical existence (the equatorial regions). But no thing beats the living fruits.

To wash and keep the mushrooms whole, place them in a dry pan on a medium high heat with a sprinkle of salt. Keep turning them until browning and all the water has reduced

You will find that oyster mushrooms are like chicken/shredded pork.

Portabella = chicken/pork.

Shiitake= beef.

Learn to experiment. This is a great way to transcend the programming of dead flesh. 

Mushrooms are also great raw and offer more life and energy but to replicate meat on a transitional diet cooking will give you that texture.

Also some mushrooms such as the amanita muscaria ( a mean eater must carrier) can help aid in consciousness breaking bound-aries and bring you closer to higher perceptions allowing more insight and faith in your journey.

We have never tried them so will only share that, be sure to know the mushrooms and dose small working your way up to bigger doses.