Introduction to Raw Food

Welcome to the raw food 

Raw is unchanged. The sun radiates our food to pure perfect-ion, as you are as pure awareness. Only the physical aspect can be manipulated by thoughts, emotions, life experiences, food etc, and one main way the body, mind and spirit connection has been asleep in mankind for so long is the mis-education of truth...You should only be consuming foods in its wholistic state and that which bears seeds are the optimum source of fuel. Your body makes protein via protein synthesis from amino acids and uses glucose as a primary food source, and to keep this in a constant supply, real fruit is key to awaken the true life force inside us all.

Glucose—real wholistic sugar from fruit—is the simplest form for digestion and energy, causing no acidosis therefore allowing the body to get the minerals and amino acids it needs to recode to our physical. To eat raw fruits and vegetables is a wonderful vibration. To consume fruit whole and in juice is a whole new level.

One should always remember that during this process you will start to become very sensitive to life and will also feel the effect of pesticides, par-fumes, soaps, make-up etc and it is great to transcend these ideas of b-abyl-on creations of man.

To heal-thy self from 99% of dis-ease, a simple transition from cooked to raw foods with juices to add more minerals than one can ingest for 6 weeks should be enough to reverse the most tear-eyeball (terrible) dis-eases. The more rest our digestive system can get the more healing can take place.

An ideal maintenance eating plan for amazing vibrancy in a world lacking fruit trees in abundance is; a juice upon rising, a smoothie 2 hours later, fruit in its whole form to snack if you do commerce, a main meal between 4 and 7 and a juice in the evening.

Remember, stay full to stay on course and you will gradually find a natural balance to your energy load.

For children, keep offering fruit, meals, juices, smoothies and they will be nothing but healthy and will never be sick again.

Enjoy a simple way to eat to find more time for life. This is why we have added a few daily foods that can be enjoyed time and time again.

We love you all so much. Keep at it!

Learn to Raw chef, with raw dishes creating dishes that suit you is key. With the ideas here, it is down to you to add and create dishes full of different flavours and textures. Lots of the raw section is side dishes to create a huge bowl of wonderful flavours that truly satiate the desires from cooked food. So, experiment and create fun and tasty dishes while learning and growing with your experience in life.

The key is to master the food element to innerstand how to make what is right for your lifestyle. Play around, mix these foods, and really become one with what you are creating. Use these as a guideline to bring sight into the lifestyle you are looking for.

We do not, but you can grate garlic, add chopped red onion, chillies with lemon and coriander to any dish to create a mouth watering sensation.

Blend almost anything to create sauces.

Really experiment...

Learn to love this process.