Lesson 4 - Directing Circulation

Good day X family. We hope you are integrating the breath with your spiritual/physical work. And can only suggest to keep up the practice of this art to truly feel the benefits of union with the El-e-ment of air.

Let's continue with our next practice, Directing Circulation.

  1. Sit erect or you may lay down.
  2. Begin to  do the X breath Rhythmic breathing.
  3. With the exhaling breath, bring oneself to focus and use the mental image and union with body sensation to direct the circulation.
  4. Remember, as you inhale, you pull in prana and exhale while directing to the place you wish, such as a part of the body which may be experiencing bad circulation (cold feet, head ache, back pain, etc.)

This is very effective with cases such wd headache and cold feet. You will feel the blood being sent down warming the feet. With headaches, use the pain inhibiting breath first and then this breath.

Practice this and you will gain mastery over the circulations by your WiLL which breathing rhythmic will make this mastery much easier.