Lesson 3 - Nerve Cell Stimulating



This exercise is to us one of the strongest nerve stimulants known to man.

The very purpose of this breath is to stimulate the central nervous system, develop our nerve force and bring energy and life.

This will bring pressure that stimulates key nerve centres, this then energises the whole nervous system and a higher flow of nerve force to our while intire body.



Stand straight


Inhale a complete breath and retain.


Put your arms in front of you, clench the fists, do not be rigid in this form, allow them to be relaxed with just enough force to hold them out.


Draw hands back towards the shoulders, slowly do this while tensing the muscles with good force into them, when they touch the shoulders the fists should be clenched so tight that a slight tremor/shaking will be felt..


Now, keep the muscles tense, push out the fists slowly to the same positions at step 3, and draw them back fast all while keeping fully tensed and breath retained

Do this 6 to 10 times


Exhale with great power


Do the cleansing breath


This exercise's effectiveness depends on a few factors: the tension kept on the muscles, the speed that you can draw back the fists and keeping the lungs full.

Once done to a good standard there is nothing like it...

Wonderful breath daily before yoga in the rising and great before exercise..

Bring a good level of mastery to this one.