Day 1-3 L-eve-L up

On the First 3 days of this challenge use it as a time to prepare for the Fast, so we L-eve-L up on the food we have been consuming recently.

If you have been consuming processed cooked foods we challenge you to L-eve-L up by....

**Removing all processed foods and L-eve-L-in-g up to a whole food plant based diet**

If you have been consuming whole foods but cooking, you could L-eve-L up by

** only consuming whole food raw foods**

If you have been consuming raw whole foods try to L-EVE-L up by...

*Removing all negative pranic foods such as onion, garlic, chilli mushroom and all nightshades from your system*

If you have reached that stage, you can L-eve-L up by

** Only consuming raw living Fruits**

If you have reached Raw living Fruits you can L-eve-L up by

** a full 7 day juice fast**

Where are you?? Were very interested, Let us know in the TELEGRAM GROUP...


For recipe ideas, check the video library or in our courses title X-c-EL recipes..